Escho is here to document moments of spontaneity,
file the transitory and offer new, unusual and vibrant sounds
from Denmark and beyond.

Escho was listed #5 in Artforum's "Best of Music 2010".

Contact: info@escho.net

Escho has set up shows with the following foreign artists

Action Beat (UK)
Albert Newton (UK)
Animental (US)
Antoine Chessex (DE)
Aymeric Hainaux (FR)
Awsome Tapes from Africa (US)
Black Dice (US)
Bobby Birdman (US)
Black Dice (US)
Boredoms (JP)
Brian DeGraw (US)
Charles Hayward (UK)
Chris Corsano (US)
Deerhunter (US)
Dirty Projectors (US)
Earth (US)
Eric Copeland (US)
Evol (ES)
Josephine Foster (US)
Gala Drop (PT)
Gamers in Exile (IT)
Gang Gang Dance (US)
G.I. Joe (IT)
Golden Cup (IT)
Highlife (US)
House of Extreme Music (HR)
Hype Williams (UK)
Kría Brekkan (IS)
Kuupuu (FI)
Lafidki (FR)
Laurel Halo (US)
Le Harmacy (IT)
Hypnoflash (IT)
Lorenzo Senni (IT)
Juglandacee (IT)
Lexie Mountain Boys (US)
Lorenzo Senni (IT)
Lucky Dragons (US)
Mag (SE)
Nisennenmondai (JP)
Otomo Yoshihide (JP)
Ora Cogan (CA)
Victor Hererro (ES)
Omar Souleyman (SYR)
Omar-S (US)
Ultra Ell (SE)
Prince Rama (US)
Psychic Ills (US)
Mag (SE)
Munnen (SE)
Neokarma Jooklo Experience (IT)
Pit Noack (DE)
Samara Lubelski (US)
Sian Alice Group (UK)
Six Orgnans of Admittance (US)
Summer Recreation Camp (ES)
Sunburned Hand of the Man (US)
Sunn O))) (US)
Synt.tofs (SE)
The Blankket (CAN)
The Wrist & Pistols (US)
Thread Pulls (IR)
Tintilwirl (JP)
TV Buddhas (ISR)
US Girls (US)
Usaisamonster (US)
Yacht (US)
Yximalloo (JP)
White Magic (US)
Women And Children (US)

Escho has been financially supported by
2010 The Danish Arts Council Committee for DIVA
2008-2010 The Danish Arts Council Committee for Music

Please mail us at info@escho.net if you want to sell Escho releases. Below is a
list of places where you can get (some of the) Escho releases.

Foreign shops
Fusetron, USA (online only)
Cake Shop, New York
Academy Records & CDs, New York
File-Under Records, Nagoya, Japan
Rundgång, Malmö, Sweden
Second Layer Records, London
Smallfish Records, England (online only)
Big Love, Tokyo, Japan
Andrianos Panagiotis, Athen (online only)
Luchador Records, Barcelona
Bis Aufs Messer, Berlin (online only)
Release The Bats, Gothenburg
Video Disease Records, USA (online only)
Youth Attack, USA (online only)
Crucificados, Germany (online only)
Hardware Records, Geramny (online only)
Spirit of Orr, USA (online only)
Danish shops
Din Nye Ven, Copenhagen
Insula, Copenhagen
Jazz Kælderen, Copenhagen
Kihoskh, Copenhagen
Moby Disc, Odense
Møllegades Boghandel, Copenhagen
Repo Man Records, Copenhagen
Route 66, Copenhagen and Aarhus
Sort Kaffe & Vinyl, Copenhagen
Sound Station, Copenhagen
Vinylen, Svendborg
Æter, Copenhagen
180 Gram (online only)
iMusic (online only)
Stereo Studio, Copenhagen
Stardust, Aarhus
Master Mind Records, Aarhus (online only)

Escho profiles at Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud